About The Program

The Accelerated Professional, Relevant Integrated Medical Education (A-PRIME) Transformation in Medical Education (TIME) program is designed to strengthen and shorten the path to the M.D. degree for high-achieving students and to align the pre-medical and medical curricula so that students have a continuous and integrated educational experience. The goal of A-PRIME is to develop a new model of physician education that will be widely recognized for its innovation and educational efficiency for 21st-century Texas by reducing the time to complete an M.D. from the traditional 8-year pathway -- 4 years of undergraduate study and 4 years of medical school -- to 7 years, and in limited circumstances, to as few as 6 years from start to finish.

In this accelerated program, students will be enrolled at one of the General Academic Institutions (GAIs) – UT El Paso or UT Rio Grande Valley – for the first three years and then matriculate at one of the Health-Related Institutions (HRIs).  Upon the successful completion of the first year of medical school, students will receive a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree from their respective GAI; and with continued success, their M.D. will be conferred at the completion of their medical studies.

Download a print-out of the A-PRIME TIME program overview here.